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cpu-giin talaar mgl xel deer delgerengui medeelel ogch help

Posted: 2005-04-21, 08:18
by fgjdgjdhvb
cpu-giin talaar delgerengui mgl xel deer medeelel xaigaad oloxgui bna, zowlogoo ogooch!!!!!!


Posted: 2005-04-21, 15:30
by tsogbh
Electroniciin surh bichiguud baidag shuu dee. Intel 8080 -iin tuhai nomnuud nileen baidag. bi neriig ni sanahgui bn aa uuchlaarai.

Posted: 2005-10-18, 02:06
by gargan
cpu clock gej xurdiig ni xelj bgaa bizde,
celiron, pentium, centrino, amd geedl,,, amd 64 yuyu ch bileedee ter xamgiin suuld shaxuu garsan centrinotoi ursulduj

Posted: 2005-10-18, 21:37
by Almas
Yгvй байхаа speed гэж хурд нь байх. Clock гэхээр хэр биелvvлэлт энэ тэр гэж яриад байх шиг байсан ? Мань чинь ёстой юу ч мэдэхгvй... Мэргэжлийн хvмvvс орж ирж ганц нэг юм хэлж өгөхгvй юм байх даа? Гэхдээ асуулт.нэт дээр нэлээн юм байгаа байх даа? Манай нөгөө админуудаас гоё гоё бичлэг нааш нь зөөж авч ирж тус болохгvй юм байх даа гэсэн ;) хэхэхэ

Posted: 2005-10-23, 18:12
by maNBA
[smilie=be mine!.gif] central processing unit gsn ug biluu...

Posted: 2005-10-26, 19:31
by etgeed
CPU computeriin hurdad nolooldog bhaa RAM bas bna, bi sain medehgui yum bnaa INTEL8085 geed microprocessor sudalj bsan yum hicheeleer.
Tegehdee l RAM, ROM-n tuhai baga zereg meddeg bolson

Posted: 2006-03-22, 02:41
by amar
sain baitsgaana solongosoos hP media senter computer avsan yum l daa.tend baihad tv cardaar n cholootei zuragt uzej baisan bolovch mongold ireed tv uzeh geheer sistem n tohirohgui baih shig bna aa.koread bolohoor ntcs sistemtei manaid bolohoor pal sistemtei yum bna .oor deer n sistemee solij boldog eseh bolohgui bol nemelt tv card boarden deer n suulgaval tohiroh eseh esvel buur oor arga baival helj ogch tuslaach.please thanks all

Posted: 2006-03-23, 08:44
by PC-Man
Хэрэв ТВ кард чинь NTSC PAL 2ууланг нь агуулсан бол ТВ үздэг програмны чинь settings дотор нь хаа нэгтэй системийг солидог хэсэг байгаа. Хэрэв байхгүй бол зөвхөн NTSC картнууд ч бас байдаг. Тийм бол компьютер ланд ч юмуу нэг газраас PAL системтэй кард аваад суулгачихаж болно гэж бодож байна. Яг HPмега центер гэдэг PС-г мэдэхгүй ч жирийн стандарт PCI слот байвал л болно. Амжилт хүсье!

Humuusee eniig sain unshaad oilgohgui bna

Posted: 2006-05-14, 15:43
by railnet ... ig_291.jpg

????????????????????? :grin: :grin: :grin:


AI Life Series
AI Life Series motherboards bring lifestyle and personal computing together. They entertain you with TV, radio and Dolby support, and link you to the rest of the world via wireless connection(with optional WiFi-TV card). To create a peaceful environment, several new and improved innovations are also included to reduce noise and temperature. Don't change your way of life for a computer. Instead let the ASUS Life Series improve the quality of your life.

AI Quiet
With PCs serving as the entertainment centerpiece and playing a bigger role in our lives, quiet operation is in high demand. No one wants to hear the cooling fan spinning when watching a movie or listening to music. The ASUS AI Quiet function dynamically controls CPU speed and reduces temperature and fan speeds when peace and quiet are what you desire.

Wifi-TV PCI Card (optional)
Connectivity and entertainment are the key words of personal computing in the 21st Century, and the AI Life Series delivers both.
(Note: Optional, the WiFi-TV card has to be purchased separately)

Total Wireless Solution
Offering IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards all in one add-on card, the WiFi-TV PCI card allows convenient wireless connection to the Internet and other digital devices. Share photos, videos and MP3 music files between the wireless devices at home without the tangling wires. Moreover, the unique setuPwizard makes establishing a wireless environment a piece of cake.
- Easily sync uPwith Centrino notebooks and other wireless devices
- 802.11a standard offers less signal interference and better performance
- SetuPwizard simplifies wireless network establishment

The Next TV Standard
Get ready for the Digital TV revolution! ASUS WiFi-TV PCI card offers not only analog TV input, but also the much talked-about Digital TV connection, which presents higher resolution and more functions than the traditional analog standard. FM radio is also supported on this multi-functional card to provide a flexible solution to enjoy your favorite television and radio shows.
- Analog TV, Digital TV (DVB-T) and FM radio
- Edit video recorded on your camcorder with bundled authoring software
- Enjoy great multimedia experience with the bundled Cyberlink PowerCinema

Intel 945 chipset
The Intel 945Pis the latest and one of the most powerful chipsets in personal computing. It supports 1066MHz FSB (front-side-bus), PCI Express graphics and dual-channel DDR2 memory, and Intel's dual-core CPU for fast multi-tasking. Combined with the Intel ICH7R that provides four Serial ATA II ports with various RAID options and PCI Express interface, the motherboard is an excellent foundation for a powerful desktop.

Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU
This motherboard supports the latest Pentium 4 CPU from Intel in LGA775 package. With 1066/ 800/ 533MHz FSB, Hyper-Threading Technology and core-speeds uPto 3.6GHz and beyond, Intel's LGA775 Pentium 4 is one of the fastest desktoPprocessors to date.

Dual-Core CPU
Enjoy the extraordinary CPU power from the latest dual-core CPU. The advanced processing technology contains two physical CPU cores with individually dedicated L2 Caches to satisfy the rising demand for more powerful processing capability.

PCI Express Architecture
PCI Express is the latest I/O interconnect technology that will replace the existing PCI. With a bus bandwidth 4 times higher than that of AGP8X interface, PCI Express x16 bus performs much better than AGP8X in applications such as 3D gaming. PCI Express x1 also outperforms PCI interface with its exceptional high bandwidth uPto 500MB/s. The high speed PCI Express interface creates new usages on desktoPPCs e.g., Gigabit LAN, 1394b, and high-speed RAID systems.

Applications such as 3D games and video editing demand a huge chunk of system resource.
Inject ""nitrous oxide"" into your CPU! The patented AI NOS? (Non-delay Overclocking System) technology intelligently detects system load and automatically boosts performance for the most demanding tasks. Unlike other dynamic overclockin

Fanless Design
Cooling fans, though a popular thermal solution, also come with noise and malfunction likelihood. ASUS Motherboard's fanless concept is specifically created to provide a cool environment without all the baggage. ASUS has devoted special efforts to address the thermal issues across the motherboard, and most notably the areas that reside the CPU, power, Northbridge and Southbridge. The heat sinks and strategic board layout are tailor made to dissipate heat in the most efficient manner. With the addition of Stack Cool 2, users can even overclock without a noisy, bulky fan. g techniques, AI NOS reacts much faster to satisfy your unending need for speeds .

PEG Link
This latest technology, PEG (PCI Express Graphics) Link Mode, is a unique feature that enables users to boost graphics card performance for superior video quality.
PEG Link allows users to raise GPU and VGA memory throughput via the motherboard BIOS the same way system bus and memory bus are tweaked. PEG Link Mode enables powerful video performance on DX8 and DX9 applications. ASUS engineers carefully fine-tuned the parameters for every single PCI-Express card to provide system stability during high-speed graphics operation.

Precision Tweaker
Precision Tweaker is designed for serious overclockers. It offers ways to raise system performance inch-by-inch and step-by-stePto achieve maximum performance! This is about getting the most out of your machine, and taking pride in your customized computer. Precision Tweaker provides overclocking options for all major parts of the system: CPU, Memory, PCI-Express, and Front Side Bus. ‧ vDIMM
Take control of how much power is going into the memory modules. ASUS gives you 8-stePvoltage control to the DIMM
‧ vCore
Find out ""exactly"" how much power your CPU needs. Fine-tune it with 0.0125 volts at a time!
‧ PCI-Express x16 Frequency
Explore the frequency options of your PCI-Express x16 graphics card
SFS (Stepless Frequency Selection) allow FSB tuning from 100MHz uPto 450MHz at 1MHz increments.

ASUS CPU Lock Free
The P5LD2 offers the CPU Lock Free feature, which allows you to adjust CPU multiplier to 14x. The reduction of multiplier value provides more flexibility for increasing external FSB frequency to raise memory bus bandwidth. CPU Lock Free boosts overall system performance by making synchronous modification possible. Enjoy better performance at the same CPU operation speed and improve your system without pushing the CPU to the limit.